Today's semiconductor manufacturing business begins with technology. Technology expertise is a key to success in our industry. Ammono dedicates its resources to the research, development and manufacturing of compound semiconductor materials.

More than just a leader in our field, we strive to be Thomas Edison of the 21st century, creating new technologies for new products that can revolutionize existing industries and potentially create new ones.

We do it since...

1992 - the team: Robert Dwilinski, Leszek Sierzputowski, Jerzy Garczynski and Roman Doradzinski starts research on ammonothermal GaN crystalization at Warsaw University
1999 - setting the AMMONO company renting the first lab in IChP (goverment institute)
2000 - beginning of joint Project with Nichia renting the second lab in IChTJ (another institute)
2004 - purchase of land for Project development2006 - moving to own facilities
2008 - implementation of large scale autoclaves