Ammono is a closely knit, committed team with a depth of experience and skills in research, development and implementation. The 4 founders made a big step and risk started working together in the field of GaN crystallization at Warsaw University in 1992. Their whole professional effort has for the past 15 years been dedicated to working together to develop the own ammonothermal method.

Since that time our company has grown to almost 50 young and well educated employees. We count on youth but together we won't forget about the roots. Our founders have together with the team conducted over 2,200 experiments to develop the process. Their depth of understanding of the complex physical and chemical aspects of the system would take significant time for others to acquire.

We still perfect our skills. We also research labor market to find the best to work with us. Certainly there is inevitably some turnover of employees but the level of employee retention is consistently very good. There is a lot of employee which are working for Ammono almost from the beginning. They still feel bond with the company and unrepeatable relationship with the other members of our team. Now we succeed, but we can not hold our efforts to progress... because when you stop, it's like you did a step back.